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About Me

I enjoy working with other people to solve coding problems or develop projects. I like to build user friendly iOS and web apps or various tools to eliminate tedious/repetitive tasks. View portfolio for some highlighted projects or my Github for more projects.

Recent Projects

Here are some of my highlighted and ongoing projects.

Project Name Description Tech Stack Live Link Team/Solo
100 Days SwiftUI Challange Working on’s 100 Days SwiftUI Challange. Currently on day 50. SwiftUI N/A Solo
Banking API Java RESTful Banking API serving banking needs Java/Postgres N/A Solo
Digit Converter NPM module to convert a number to its English representation. Node.js N/A Solo
Taskee An iOS app using Core Data to keep track of projects along with their associated tasks. Swift N/A Solo
Trivia Time A trivia iOS app written in SwiftUI. SwiftUI N/A Solo
SpotiFav An iOS app to authenticate as well as perform GET and POST calls to the Spotify Web API. Swift N/A Solo
Batch Rename A Go program that renames all files of specified file type and stores them into a new folder. Golang N/A Solo
Web Scraper Web scraper using Colly and Go to scrape Golang N/A Solo
Unit Converter A small console based Java project to convert between various units. Java N/A Solo
Breakout Game A modified breakout game, sourced from Mozilla Developer. Javascript Play Solo
Hang Helper An iOS app using ARKit to overlay a grid on wall. Swift N/A Solo
Custom Framework My simple custom CSS framework. SASS/JS Link Solo
React+themoviedbAPI React app that grabs content from themoviedb API and displays them. ReactJS/Docker Link Solo
Carbon0 A questions based game to promote carbon neutral living. Django/React/… Link Team
Drinking Fountain API My custom API to view/create drinking fountain locations. NodeJS N/A Solo
Maker A dating web app. Django/Sqlite3 Link Team
Rent Out Space V2 A website where users can post listings of unused spaces they want to rent out. Django/Sqlite3 Link Solo
Rock Paper Scissors Rock paper scissors game. SwiftUI N/A Solo
Get News An iOS app to retrieve and display the latest headlines from the News API. Swift N/A Solo
Next Chord An iOS app to find the next chord to aid in music writing/improvising. Swift N/A Solo
Takk-Token Blockchain app using Etherium Smart Contracts. Solidity N/A Team
Open Weather API A simple app that displays weather information using the open weather api. Swift N/A Solo
PLU Trainer An iOS app using CoreML to recongize content in an image. Swift N/A Team
RecorderPlus An organized audio recording iOS app. Swift N/A Solo
Die Roller A simple Android app to randomly roll a die. Kotlin N/A Solo
Django+React+Heroku A boilerplate Django+React with CSS/Bootstrap. Django/React Link Solo

Older Projects

Project Name Description Tech Stack Live Link Team/Solo
To The Moon A one page informational webpage about vacationing on the moon. HTML/CSS Link Solo
GifSearchJS A webpage to search for gifs using only Javascript. JS/HTML Link Solo
GifSearch A webpage to search for gifs using Flask. Flask/CSS N/A Team
Clone Website Using Bootstrap to clone Bootstrap/CSS Link Solo
Capstone Page A website showcasing various dynamic HTML components. HTML/CSS Link Solo
Tip Calc An HTML tip calculator. JS/HTML Link Solo
First Android My first android app. Kotlin N/A Solo
GifSearch An iOS app that fetches and displays gifs. Swift N/A Solo
Pomodoro An iOS app showing Pomodoro cycles using Swift’s NotificationCenter. Swift N/A Solo
Product Hunt An iOS app on retrieving and using data from the Product Hunt API. Swift N/A Solo
Pokemon API A demonstration of fetching and using data from the Pokemon API in an iOS app. Swift N/A Solo

Connect With Me

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