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About Me

I enjoy working with other people to solve coding problems or develop projects. I like to build user friendly iOS and web apps or various tools to eliminate tedious/repetitive tasks. Visit my Github for more projects.

Recent Projects

Here are some of my highlighted projects.

Project Name Summary Tech Stack Live Link Team/Solo
Tution Reimbursement Tuition reimbursement mangament system. Java/Hiberate N/A Solo
Overcharge A Flash card website to create and view flash card sets Java/Angular Link Team
Tutor Management System Tutor mangament system. Java/Angular N/A Team
100 Days SwiftUI Challange Working on’s 100 Days SwiftUI Challange. Currently on day 50. SwiftUI N/A Solo
Banking API Java RESTful Banking API serving banking needs Java/Postgres N/A Solo
Digit Converter NPM module to convert a number to its English representation. Node.js N/A Solo
Taskee An iOS app using Core Data to keep track of projects along with their associated tasks. Swift N/A Solo
Trivia Time A trivia iOS app written in SwiftUI. SwiftUI N/A Solo
SpotiFav An iOS app to authenticate as well as perform GET and POST calls to the Spotify Web API. Swift N/A Solo
Batch Rename A Go program that renames all files of specified file type and stores them into a new folder. Golang N/A Solo
Web Scraper Web scraper using Colly and Go to scrape Golang N/A Solo
Unit Converter A small console based Java project to convert between various units. Java N/A Solo
Breakout Game A modified breakout game, sourced from Mozilla Developer. Javascript Play Solo
Hang Helper An iOS app using ARKit to overlay a grid on wall. Swift N/A Solo
Custom Framework My simple custom CSS framework. SASS/JS Link Solo
React+themoviedbAPI React app that grabs content from themoviedb API and displays them. ReactJS/Docker Link Solo
Carbon0 A questions based game to promote carbon neutral living. Django/React/… Link Team
Drinking Fountain API My custom API to view/create drinking fountain locations. NodeJS N/A Solo
Maker A dating web app. Django/Sqlite3 Link Team
Rent Out Space V2 A website where users can post listings of unused spaces they want to rent out. Django/Sqlite3 Link Solo
Rock Paper Scissors Rock paper scissors game. SwiftUI N/A Solo
Get News An iOS app to retrieve and display the latest headlines from the News API. Swift N/A Solo
Next Chord An iOS app to find the next chord to aid in music writing/improvising. Swift N/A Solo
Takk-Token Blockchain app using Etherium Smart Contracts. Solidity N/A Team
Open Weather API A simple app that displays weather information using the open weather api. Swift N/A Solo
PLU Trainer An iOS app using CoreML to recongize content in an image. Swift N/A Team
RecorderPlus An organized audio recording iOS app. Swift N/A Solo
Die Roller A simple Android app to randomly roll a die. Kotlin N/A Solo
Django+React+Heroku A boilerplate Django+React with CSS/Bootstrap. Django/React Link Solo

Older Projects

Project Name Description Tech Stack Live Link Team/Solo
To The Moon A one page informational webpage about vacationing on the moon. HTML/CSS Link Solo
GifSearchJS A webpage to search for gifs using only Javascript. JS/HTML Link Solo
GifSearch A webpage to search for gifs using Flask. Flask/CSS N/A Team
Clone Website Using Bootstrap to clone Bootstrap/CSS Link Solo
Capstone Page A website showcasing various dynamic HTML components. HTML/CSS Link Solo
Tip Calc An HTML tip calculator. JS/HTML Link Solo
First Android My first android app. Kotlin N/A Solo
GifSearch An iOS app that fetches and displays gifs. Swift N/A Solo
Pomodoro An iOS app showing Pomodoro cycles using Swift’s NotificationCenter. Swift N/A Solo
Product Hunt An iOS app on retrieving and using data from the Product Hunt API. Swift N/A Solo
Pokemon API A demonstration of fetching and using data from the Pokemon API in an iOS app. Swift N/A Solo

Connect With Me

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